General Aviation Private Pilot Licence


Aviation is our passion, our team of dedicated professionals give you, the customer the benefit of many years experience in the airline industry.

Air Queensland offers both part time and full time courses. The course starts by applying for a Student Pilot Licence and an Aviation Security Identification Card. Training then follows to syllabus approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The first part of the training is in a Piper Tomahawk or Cessna 172 and covers flights in the training area, then the circuit area in preparation for the First Solo Flight.

Following this milestone, additional flights in the circuit area and training area are conducted in preparation for the General Flying Progress Test (GFPT). With the successful completion of this flight test you are able to take passengers for a flight inside the local training area.

The second part of your PPL training covers navigation on cross country flights. Once the theory is completed and flight competencies are achieved you will be awarded a Private Pilot Licence. This is your ticket to freedom; you can enjoy the privileges of your Private Pilot Licence by hiring Air Queensland aircraft. Download our rate sheet here. To find out more about our flight training offers, call on 1300 765 800, or send an enquiry through our Contact Page.

With the flexibility of flying having your PPL allows much more freedom compared to your RPL licence. 

  • The ability to fly at night.
  • Flight into controlled airspace.
  • Fly in all sorts of weather.
  • The ability to fly multi-engine aircraft