The Air Queensland Team


Douglas Heath

CEO / Managing Director

Douglas has owned and operated Air Queensland since it started. With over 45 Years in Aviation and Business Operations, Douglas is passionate and loves flying! Being a CASA Flight Examiner, Douglas also provides testing for RPL, PPL, CPL and ME Class Ratings. 

Steven Alves

flight operations

Steven started with Air Queensland in 2016. He works in the background to ensure your experience with Air Queensland is memorable and you experience the highest quality training. From your first lesson to booking your tests, he is the one you will talk to! 

Peter Schott

Chief Pilot / CFI

Peter is our Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor. Peter has been with Air Queensland Since 2010 in the CFI role and ensures all instructors are teaching to the same standard and have access to the highest quality resources to pass on to students. Peter is also a CASA Flight Examiner and conducts Multi Engine Class ratings and Instrument Rating tests. 

Ian Turner

Safety Manager / Flight Instructor

Ian has been with Air Queensland for 5 Years. He has progressed through his Instructor Approvals and Holds a GR2 Instructor Rating with Design Feature, Multi Engine, Instructor and Instrument Rating Training Approvals. Ian also holds an important role in our company as a safety manager, reporting directly to our Chief Pilot. 

Jeremy Watson

Quality Manager / CTO manager / RA Flight Instructor

Jeremy has been with Air Queensland for three years and is a senior RA Flight Instructor. Jeremy also holds the quality manager and IT Manager for Air Queensland. You will definitely get to know Jeremy when you begin your training with us! His bubbly personality is hard to miss! 

Tim Enright

Flight Instructor

Tim recently completed his GR2 Instructor Upgrade with us. Tim handles our Advanced Training for commercial flying and provides Flight Reviews to our customers. Tim holds a Multi Engine, Instrument Rating, Design Feature and Instructor Rating Training Approval. 

Kingly Pang

Flight Instructor

Kingly has been with Air Queensland since the start of 2018. Kingly holds a GR2 Instructor Rating with Design Feature and Night VFR Training Approvals. Kingly has a wealth of experience and is always up for a chat! 

John Adams

Flight Instructor

John has been with Air Queensland for 5 years. John is a GR1 Flight Instructor with Design Feature Training Approvals and owns his own Glass Star Aircraft. John worked as a Boeing 747 Captain and now works in GA as a hobby!

Paul Reddish

Flight instructor

Paul has been with Air Queensland for 5 years. He is currently a 737 First Officer and has over 16,000 hours. He holds a GR1 Instructor Rating with Instrument Rating, multi engine, NVFR and Design Feature Training Approvals. 

Sammy Lakey

Flight Instructor

Sammy completed her instructor rating with Air Queensland and has been working as  GR3 Instructor since June 2018. She holds a Design Feature training approval and will always be available for a chat! 

Joel Netherwood

Flight Instructor

Joel has been with Air Queensland for three years, He holds a GR3 Instructor Rating and works mainly weekends or early mornings. Joel completed his RA instructor rating with Air Queensland 3 years ago and then recently obtained his GR3 Instructor Rating. 

Rob Hoyland

Flight Instructor

Rob has been with Air Queensland for 3 years. Rob is our Flight Instructor in Bundaberg. Rob, similar to Joel, started with his RA Instructor Rating and recently converted to his GA GR3 Instructor Rating.