The Learning Management System (LMS) provides student access to comprehensive flight ground theory for pilot licences, ratings, endorsements and other relevant resource material. Study at your own pace anywhere, anytime via any computing device. Be better prepared for flight training by reading the brief prior to your lesson or revise material previously covered.

The LMS lets you study the material then test your knowledge with practice tests as many times as you like. It is only available to Air Queensland students at $200 including GST for a 12 month subscription per course.

Contact us on 1300 795 737 to obtain a username and password to access the LMS.

Subjects Offered

At Air Queensland we offer many subjects like the ones below:

  • RA Aus, RPL, PPL
  • Aircraft Radio Operations
  • Night Visual Flight Rules
  • CPL
  • Multi Engine
  • Tailwheel Conversion
  • Instructor Course
  • Jet Transition Course